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3 fed up freelancers

We hated how we were getting paid, so we changed it.

We started doing freelance design and development around 4 years ago. We used PayPal at first and then moved to Stripe, and that 3% fee was killing us on smaller jobs. We were losing a huge chunk of money in processing fees. We had clients offer to pay via bank transfer, but that follow up email was of course "send me your checking account and routing number" which isn't exactly a good thing to send over email. Clients don't want to pay the fees and we can't afford to lose $150 every time we bill a client. So we made Paynote.

Paynote uses ACH to transfer money directly between banks and doesn't require you to enter in your bank account number anywhere. It takes 1-2 minutes to send funds to any email or phone number and the recipient is sent a link to claim their funds. 

Paynote was built by freelancers, for freelancers. As an agency we often use 3rd party contractors to do specific jobs. We ended up on the flipside of the equation and realized the situation isn't much better for the client! The tools that are currently available such as PayPal and Square Cash aren't geared towards small business owners or freelancers. They are consumer focused and the experience ends up being severely lacking.

As silly as it seems, we needed a simple application to pay contractors with that contractors actually liked getting paid with. We didn't want to pay any extra fees and the contractors (as we know) don't want to lose money to percentage based fees that punish them for being paid well. That's why we have a Basic (Free) plan with a pay-what-you-want system for processing fees. That's right, you get to pay whatever you want, including $0.

Writing checks is so 2000. Get the payment system of the future.