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2 Paynotes/month
5K Transaction Limit
3rd Party Integrations
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Unlimited Paynotes
10K Transaction Limit
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Unlimited Paynotes
10K Transaction Limit
3rd Party Integrations
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Frequently asked questions

What is Paynote? 

Paynote is a bank to bank payments platform made specifically for freelancers, agencies, and small businesses. It's the world's first pay-what-you-want payments system and built for both the client and the freelancer. Paynote uses ACH to transfer funds directly between banks so you don't have to worry about percentage based fees or having to withdraw funds from some imaginary online account.

Is there a free trial?

As soon as you sign up for Paynote you'll be on our Basic plan. This isn't a trial, but instead, a fully functional plan limited to 5 Paynotes a month. You can upgrade at anytime to unlock unlimited Paynotes.

Why a web app?

Small business doesn't mean small screens. We at SoFriendly found that we liked to do most of our accounting on a larger format devices and hated being tied down to a specific mobile OS.

How can I reach you?

Chat us anytime on the website or simply shoot us at email at We'll do our best to reply within a few hours.

Who is it for?

Paynote is for both small business owners and freelancers. Freelancers love Paynote due to it's pay-what-you-want fee structure and integration with Freshbooks invoicing. For the small business owner, sometimes you just need to quickly pay a contractor without having to set them up as an employee in a payroll system or resorting to using a consumer focused product such as PayPal or Square Cash.

How secure is it?

Paynote uses industry leading SSL as well as an FDIC insured ACH payments system. None of your private information is stored on our servers so there's nothing to leak in the event of a data breach. We don't have your data and we don't want it.

Do you support international payments?

Paynote is currently US only however we are working with a provider to add international payments within the next few months.

Who are you?

Paynote is owned and operated by the team at SoFriendly. You can reach us at or check us out online at

Have more questions?

Reach us at for 24/7 Email Support

Writing checks is so 2000. Get the payment system of the future.